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Rick Carpiniello and Sam Borden debate the the hottest topics in sports

Question #174: Who’s going to October?


Question #174 was going to be, “Where have you guys been?” but the answer isn’t anything particularly interesting – a combination of time off, baseball previews, high school sports championship travel and other obligations made it tough to blog for a little while. But now, with MLB about to start, we’re back.

I’m headed down to Baltimore for the day in a few hours (Yanks-Orioles at 4 pm.), but before I go, I figured
it’s time to put our predictions for the season out on the table. So here we go:

AL East: Red Sox
AL Central: Twins
AL West: Angels
AL Wild Card: Yankees

NL East: Mets
NL Central: Cubs
NL West: Dodgers
NL Wild Card: Phillies

AL Playoffs: Yankees over Angels (finally!), Red Sox over Twins
NL Playoffs: Mets over Dodgers, Cubs over Phillies

ALCS: Red Sox over Yankees
NLCS: Cubs over Mets

World Series: Cubs over Red Sox

Back later with some thoughts … Carp?


 Geez, Sam, it’s hockey season … just kidding. I think that loss last night really hurt the Phillies’ chances.

Here are the definites (I had them all right last year, didn’t I? Maybe not.):

AL East: Red Sox.
AL Central: Indians.
AL West: Angels.
AL wild card: Yankees.

NL East: Phillies.
NL Central: Cubs.
NL West: Diamondbacks.
NL  wild card: Mets.

AL playoffs: Red Sox over Angels, Yankees over Indians.
NL playoffs: Mets over Cubs, Phillies over Diamondbacks.

ALCS: Yankees over Red Sox.
NLCS: Phillies over Mets.

World Series: Yankees over Phillies. 

I cannot believe I’m picking the Yankees, actually. I mean, they might not even get into the playoffs if Tampa proves it wasn’t a one-year wonder. But I don’t see the Mets or Cubs winning a World Series any time soon, and I don’t see the Phillies repeating. Maybe my ALCS prediction will prove incorrect and it will be Red Sox over Phillies.

But, right now, I’m sticking with the Yankees, who will have some rough patches but should have A-Rod back and at full strength by the end of the season. Also, the last time they moved into a “new” stadium they went to the World Series (’76) for the first of three years in a row.

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