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Rick Carpiniello and Sam Borden debate the the hottest topics in sports

Question #173: Should the Jets get Jay Cutler?


So the Jets need a quarterback. That’s pretty obvious. And the Broncos, who have a new coach in former Patriots coordinator Josh McDaniel, are apparently at least somewhat open to shopping Pro Bowler Jay Cutler since Cutler has said he doesn’t believe he can play in Denver anymore.

Then in today’s Daily News, there comes a report that the Jets have let to the Broncos know they’re very interested in Cutler, if a deal is possible.

Thus the question: Is this the right move by the Jets? Is Cutler a good idea? Or do you not want him/think the Jets should stick with what they’ve got (which is, essentially, a competition between Brett Ratliff and Kellen Clemens)?

11:34 a.m., Sam says:

Sam Borden

At first glance, Cutler seems like an obvious solution: The Jets don’t have an established QB, Cutler could be available, ergo, get Cutler. But I’m not so sure it’s the best idea.

Remember, simply adding Jay Cutler to the roster doesn’t automatically make the Jets better. It sounds sort of elementary to say, but Cutler actually has to perform to his previous levels in New York to make the move a good one. And I’m not convinced that’s what he’d do.

The way Cutler handled himself during the “Will the Broncos get Matt Cassell?” scenario smacked of insecurity and immaturity, two traits which don’t often translate well to players in New York. Essentially, Cutler was mad that his team even considered the idea of getting another QB. He apparently was also mad that McDaniel, the new coach, overhauled the coaching staff (and, thus, offensive scheme) after taking over since Cutler says he’d been told by team executives that wouldn’t happen.

Whatever. The bottom line is that quarterbacks need to have thick skins and deal with changing situations, and Cutler has shown himself to be a little too self-involved/rigid lately. How would he handle New York pressure and expectations?

Don’t get me wrong, I think the Jets would be best-served by getting a new QB from somewhere (though their OL is strong enough that a weaker QB might survive). I just don’t think Cutler would be able to come anywhere close to being as good in New York as he’s been in Colorado.


 First, sorry for the delay, Sam and all. I’ve been hopscotching all over the state the last few weeks and just up to my eyeballs in travel and work.

As for Cutler, let me just say this. If the Jets think either of their guys are better than Cutler—and I cannot believe they do—then they need to do everything they can to get Cutler. I don’t care about his tantrum when this whole mess started. I don’t care that he’s a young version of Brett Favre in terms of that gunslinger, risk/reward mentality. 

The most important position in football, of course, if quarterback, and getting a top quarterback is the most difficult task in the sport. This guy is young, has a cannon, and some experience. Why wouldn’t you want him? How are the Jets better without him? I don’t get it.

Me? I go get him.

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8 Responses to “Question #173: Should the Jets get Jay Cutler?”

  1. Johnny Pinstripes

    Absolutely. I don’t think there’s any question that the Jets should heavily pursue Cutler. The Jets are a mess/mystery at qb. When a 25 year old pro bowler is suddenly available, jump on it.

    With the additions of Bart Scott, Lito Sheppard and Jim Leonhard the Jets are building an extrmely strong defense. Those three will join Revis, Rhodes, Pace, Jenkins, etc. and should form a defense that can carry them to a playoff berth. If Gholston can live up to his hype the Jets will be very dangerous on defense.

    If they add Cutler on offense they will have a balanced attack on both sides of the ball that could potentially lead them deep into the playoffs. Of course, they have to make the playoffs first.

    With Cutler they are aquiring stability at the qb position for years to come. In addition they are adding a pro-bowl calliber qb with a heck of an arm. If you throw in a ground attack of Jones and Washington it sounds very exciting to Jet fans.


    There is no reason to trade away a 2nd round pick,at the least,and or a top flight player to get Cutler.With a real O-line and a defence that we now have I say lets go with the QB’s we have and let them fight it out.
    First and formost we need a WR at the top of our list.

  3. sunny615

    Good QB’s are not a dime a dozen. How many good QB’s are out there right now? How many can you name off the top of your head? Clemens and Radcliff are not among them. And “getting by” with an adequate QB will not put this team in contention. Radcliff and Clemens would barely be second stringers on any other team to say nothing of being a starting QB.

    Let me put it this way, how many superbowl champs in the past 30 years had big time QB’s (not SB wins, but good QB’s)and how many had no namers? Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, Joe Montana, John Elway, Terry Bradshaw, Kurt Warner, Brett Favre, Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Peyton and Eli Manning, Joe Kelly, Tom Brady… and then there’s… Doug Williams, Jeff Hostetler, Mark Rypien, Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, and that’s it. Some of the champs won only once, but those QB’s weren’t mediocre as Clemens and Radcliff are. And the Jets are not as good as those no-names’ teams were (i.e., Dilfer’s Ravens, or Hostetler’s Giants) so that the team can overcome a mediocre QB’s shortcomings. In this situation, the Jets need Cutler more than Cutler needs to grow up. Simple math really. And considering the Jets draft about as well as they play and the Pats are not likely to trade Brady or the Saints probably won’t release Drew Brees any time before his 40th birthday, Cutler is the way to go.

  4. sunny615

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