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Rick Carpiniello and Sam Borden debate the the hottest topics in sports

Question #172: Is today (or yesterday) the greatest sports day of the year?


Don’t even start with the Super Bowl. It’s a fun day, no doubt, and I like wings as much as anyone, but the game is so over-hyped and it’s a rarity that the action even comes close to living up to it all. Super Bowls are great but they can’t come close to NCAA tournament time.

For me, these two days are the best. They just are. I’ve been privileged to go to a ton of events in all types of sports, and sitting at home and watching the Madness on TV is as good as almost any of them.

My TV was on for 13 straight hours yesterday and it’ll probably be about that today. I love the passion, the potential for an upset, the intensity of the games and yes, the gambling aspect of it as everyone who hasn’t followed college hoops all year (as well as those who have) try and predict the unpredictable.

As I went over the possibilities in my mind, the only other sports days that came close to the first two days of the tournament are (in no particular order):

1. Sunday at the Masters. Spring is here, golf is exciting, Augusta National is insane and the back nine is dramatic. But there’s always a chance for two guys you’ve never heard of playing out the string, too, which drains a lot of the fun out of it.

2. Opening Day. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing baseball finally get going, but come on – once you get past the “hey, baseball is back” part, the games really don’t mean all that much. And to me, that’s the best part of the tournament – the games mean everything.

3. Quarterfinal day of The World Cup. Now, I know I won’t get a lot of agreement from people on this blog (or, really, anywhere in America) but for those of us who love soccer, the elimination rounds of the World Cup are like the tournament but on an international stage. And the soccer is so good, so intense and so dramatic that it’s hard to turn away. Of course, then the game finishes 1-0 and everyone who hates soccer screams about how boring it is …

So tell me: What’s your favorite sports day?


Yesterday? Hmmm. I watched some of the Yankees exhibition game. Saw some of the PGA event on The Golf Channel. Caught Seinfeld, of course. Oh, and I did watch about 20 minutes of basketball. Some big tournament.

No, the opening day of the NCAAs isn’t my thing. I can’t devote that kind of time to anything waiting for the one upset that might happen. Sitting on a couch all day … that’s Madness to me. As they get along, I’ll watch more. I’ll watch the Final Four, or most of it.

My faves? Sunday at any golf major (followed by Saturday, Friday and Thursday at any golf major, plus Wednesday at the WGC Match Play). And any day I get to tee it up trumps all of that, and everything else.

I love the NFC-AFC championship days for some reason. Any time New England plays Indianapolis. Any and all World Series games. Opening day. Any deciding game of the Stanley Cup final (is there anything cooler than the handshake line and the presentation of the Cup?).

Locally, there’s nothing like the weekend at County Center’s basketball Championship Week, and the final day of Section 1 wrestling. Those are events you have to attend, though.

I agree with the Super Bowl. You watch it, no doubt. But it takes forever to actually get to the game. Worse in terms of waiting is the college football championship game.

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Rick Carpiniello and Sam Borden debate the hottest topics in sports.


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